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Indoor Pools

The Complete Indoor Pool Package

Swim all year around at home with your own indoor pool. Whether a complete turnkey operation, project management or purely sourcing the pool materials from us, we at Bos Leisure can help with your indoor pool project.

With over 40 years experience in the construction of indoor pools, our knowledge is second to none and we offer you a first class service. From initial meetings, designs and planning,  through to completion, Bos are on hand to assist or run your project. Please contact us to discuss your project in further detail. Rest assured, you will be in the hands of experts.

Below are a number of examples of Indoor Pool Build types. Any questions, please ask!

What We Offer

Concrete/Tiled Pools

The Ultimate in Swimming Luxury

The construction of an indoor tiled concrete pool involves the use of structural steel and concrete and allows you much more flexibility in the shape and design of the pool. They are the preferred option if you want to build a Level Deck Pool or a Pool Disappearing Edge/infinity pool and also can easily incorporate a tiled spa into the pool as part of the structure. They also lend themselves more readily to the installation of safety covers.

Concrete pools can be constructed using either shuttered or poured in situ concrete, Gunite, Shotcrete or subject to size, depth and design, they can also be built using hollow concrete blocks. The fastest and most popular method is Gunite/Shotcrete. The surfaces are generally rendered in order to provide a suitable surface for tiling. Other finishes are available too using a concrete construction, including pebble finishes and paint.

The construction of a concrete pool is not normally recommended for the DIY enthusiast as they are difficult to build and rely on considerable knowledge of concrete and structural steel.

Liner Pools

Quality Without Compromise

Liner pools are the most popular method of pool construction due to the ease and speed of installation, their reliability and long life. The walls are constructed from either concrete blocks, prefabricated steel or polymer. A liner pool can be ready to use within a 2-3 weeks of the start date and is a great project for the DIY enthusiast or any competent builder. Whilst speed isn’t necessarily the deciding factor whilst building an indoor pool, the ease of build and reduced costs appeals to many.

There are high quality thicker pool liners now available, welded on site that offer high temperature swimming, greater lifespan, tougher materials with non slip options and textured patterns.

The beauty of a pool liner is that with changing fashions, at a minimal cost, you can change your pool liner, offering huge flexibility.

If your indoor pool project is to be a liner pool, please contact us to discuss it in greater detail.

One Piece Pools

Indoor or Outdoor Modern Style


The Riviera D line Pools are smart and sophisticated and extremely stylish. They have clean lines to enhance any building. Available in a number of styles and designs and available in grey, black, white and Papyrus colours. They come with a choice of corner stairs, handrails and ladders, and can feature counter currents and massage systems, along with a safety slatted pool cover system.


With an emphasis on superior quality, these pools are oven treated to obtain a complete polymerisation. Made from the best quality vinylester resins, they ensure the highest standards of manufacture are achieved. With great insulation also, running costs are reduced.

One piece pools are a fast and instant solution for an pool, whether indoor or outdoor, and come packed with additional features. We offer both brands listed above, as well as many others, including Niveko and Knightsbridge.

Above Ground Pools

An Occasional Option

Above ground pools are an option where underground rock precludes excavation or also where the contours of the land suit this type of construction. They are perfect for existing buildings where groundworks aren’t an option.

The Premium Wooden Pool Range we supply is manufactured in the South East of England and the pool has been designed to withstand the UK Climate and comes with a 10 Year Warranty on the Wall. The unique design and treatment of the wood allows the pool to be constructed above, semi-submerged or fully-submerged in the ground without affecting the 10 Year Warranty.

The Wooden Pools have been installed throughout Europe and offer exceptionally high quality of craftsmanship and value that will add that extra bit of wow factor to any premises. Not only will having your own pool offer easy access to a healthier lifestyle but the envy of your neighbours with your summer pool parties!

As well as our standard stock sizes as we manufacture all our pools in house we can design and produce any custom size required to fit your garden.

DIY Pool Kits

For the Savvy and Adventurous

Whether indoor or outdoor, anyone can benefit from the cost savings associated with self building a pool using the Vycon Pool kit.

Certikin’s range of Vycon DIY Pool Kits include all the specialist pool items to enable you to build the pool of your dreams with HUGE RETAIL PRICE SAVINGS! With over 40 years experience, all equipment supplied is either manufactured by Certikin in the UK or sourced from the worlds leading suppliers and has been extensively used by professional pool companies for years, not only in the UK but world wide.

Our Basic Vycon Kit includes the primary equipment needed for a swimming pool, Instruction Kit, Pool Flow Fittings, Pipework, Certikin Liner, Filtration (pump and filter), Maintenance and Chemical Kit. The Basic Vycon Pool Kit can be upgraded with a choice of extras including coping stones for the pool surround, underwater lights, auto water leveller, and a Clearwater salt chlorinator. The options are endless! You may also wish to consider a cover and roller, counter current machine or an automatic pool cleaner.

Swimming Pool Design Services

Bring the Experts in Early

It is extremely rare to have 2 swimming pool sites exactly the same, meaning that they tend to have to be custom designed. The basic pool structures may be similiar, but the sizes, fittings, accessories and depths are usually different. With this in mind, we can help design you pool, indoor or outdoor, your spa, your sauna and steam room or your complete leisure facility. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details, as the earlier that we get involved, the more likely it is that your build will run smoothly. We see far too many badly planned indoor pool facilities, due to lack of knowledge of the plant equipment and ventilation. Contact the experts and get it right first time.

Pool & Safety Covers

We’d always recommend a cover – in particular you have to consider the safety of children and pets, as well as anyone else. We offer a range of safety covers, and of course they have the added bonus of keeping leaves and bugs out, as well as insulating the pool.

We can suggest a safety cover to suit most pools, new or existing, however you prefer the covers attached, and whatever shape of pool. Our robust woven pre-coated polyester covers are available in a range of colours. Brands which we supply include Coverstar and Walu.

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