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We fully understand in today's busy lifestyle, you have less and less free time to carry out your own servicing and maintenance. This is where we can help. We already run a large number of service and maintenance contracts with domestic and commercial customers, but we still have space for more. Servicing makes up a large part of our business, and we employ 3 full time service engineers.

What We Offer

Professional Engineers

We at Bos Leisure have a team of fully trained ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers) engineers to install, service and maintain the equipment we sell. Too many companies nowadays are all to happy to take your money for purchased goods, but don’t have the engineers to back up, support and maintain the products you buy. This is where we're set apart from other companies, as we employ our own engineers to support you, giving you the reassurance, that when you purchase from us, you have total commitment for the product from us.

Our in house engineers Bill, Karl and Barrie have worked with Bos for an accumulated 55 years and in that time have accumulated unrivalled knowledge of pools, spas, sauna and steam in the area. Whether out fitting new liners, repairing plant room equipment or installing and fitting new products, our engineers offer a professional service at all times. With great pride in their work, they fully maintain the Bos Leisure reputation whilst out of the office. Rest assured, employ Bos Leisure to do a job, a good job will be done, using our own engineers, not part time sub-contractors.

Regular Domestic Servicing

Trust in Us

We can service your pool on a regular basis, whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly. In our regular services, we net any debris and vacuum the pool, we backwash the filter and rinse. We test and adjust the chemicals and check the pool temperature. We check the pool equipment for faults and report. Should we need to take any chemical or mechanical action (i.e. green pool etc), we contact the customer to advise of costs etc. Please contact us to get a competitive quote for regular pool servicing and cleaning. Remember, it frees up more of your time to enjoy your pool. .

Spring Openings and Winter Closedowns

We can save you the hassle of springtime opening and winter closing by doing this work for you at reasonable cost.

In spring we can get the pool ready for swimming by removing the winter cover, brushing the pool, shocking the pool, vacuuming the pool and giving the equipment a general service to establish everything is working correctly.

In winter we can close your pool down by vacuuming the pool, removing any debris, shocking the pool, adding winter algaecide, fitting your winter cover (if you have one) and draining down all of the plant equipment. The key to having a clean pool in the spring is to properly winterise it, so it pays to get the experts in to do it for you.

Liner Installation

We use our own experienced engineers to fit new pool liners for customers. Our engineers have installed over 500 swimming pool liners and encountered most potential problems in doing so, so when you choose Bos to supply and fit your new liner, you can do so knowing that you will get a good end result. Our team also fit under-felt to give a cushioned feel underfoot whilst also protecting the liner.

Commercial Servicing

We handle a large number of commercial maintenance contracts, all via our in house engineering team. These can be weekly through to annually. We also carry out emergency callouts and other services, such as plant room maintenance, filter and sand changes, and complete plant room refurbishments. We’ve been working in the commercial environment for over 40 years and have amassed vast experience and expertise. We also supply and fit commercial heating and ventilation systems, pool covers, heaters, filters, pumps floc dosing and chemical dosing systems. We carry out regular maintenance on Topline, Prominent, Seko, Bayrol and Stranko dosing systems, and carry a large range of spares. If you’re unsure whether we do something, ask us! If it’s pool related, we probably do.

Services We Offer

Spring Openings and Winter Closedowns - We can save you the hassle of springtime opening and winter closing by doing this work for you at reasonable cost. 

Green pool cleaning

New Product Installations

Liner fitting

Filter sand changes

Heating checks

Plant repairs

Sauna or steam building or repairs

Commercial maintenance

Leak detection 

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