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Pool Accessories

Customise Your Pool

Decided on the type of pool and where it’s going, now its time to see what accessories you can add to it. Some essential, some desirable and some luxurious, below are some of the extras that go with pools. Whilst some are indoor or outdoor specific, most are universal, regardless of location or construction type.

What We Offer


Some like it hot

Summers aren’t always kind to us, so heating is a key ingredient of any pool in the UK. Whether electric, oil, gas, LPG, solar, air source or ground source, we have a heater which will suit you and your budget. Extremely popular in the UK right now are air source heat pumps as they’re both very affordable and efficient, offering the cheapest heat available other than solar.

Multiple heating types can be used in conjunction with each other to fully cover all weather extremes.

Most heaters are very simple to install, though you must always have qualified engineers to make the necessary connections.

Heating and Ventilation (Indoor Pools only)

Crystal Clear Glass, please

With an indoor pool you’ll need heating and ventilation to ensure the room’s climatic conditions are just right. Our systems, both domestic and commercial, range from simple wall-mounted units to large and sophisticated heat recovery ventilation systems, and can include environmentally-friendly heat pumps, helping to reduce the running costs. From a drawing showing the building plans and elevations, we can provide a detailed computer-based specification demonstrating different heating and ventilation solutions, with guidelines to their running costs.

Heating and ventilation need not be a headache or too costly and quite often, people can use a simple wall mounted dehumidifier to dehumidify and heat the pool hall air.

Swim Jets/ Counter Current Machines

Train at Home

A popular pool addition, whether indoors or outdoors, is a Swim jet,or counter current swimming machine. Essentially, these units produce high volumes of water through jet nozzles and you swim against the jet of water. The swimmer is able to control the counter flow to match the speed at which they choose to swim. They are excellent for exercise and very popular amongst athletes and  triathletes for training.

Swimjets can be incorporated into pools as small as 4m x 2.5m and there are also swimjets available which can be fitted to existing pools. Popular brands we supply at Bos Leisure are Fastlane, Badu Fluvu and JetStream.

Telescopic Enclosures

Swim, whatever the best of British weather delivers

A telescopic enclosure gives you the benefits of outdoor and indoor swimming in one building, with a retractable enclosure you open or close depending on the weather conditions or season.

Once you’ve decided on the size and type of enclosure, we can help with the design, even building enclosures that open and close from the middle. The enclosures are of modular design, and so can fit with almost any adjacent building and accomodate almost any pool shape. Even better, you do not usually need planning permission.

From high top to low top, centrally opening to concertina freestanding to attached, manual to automatic, the options of a Telescopic Enclosure are neverending.

Many people build outdoor pools with the intention of putting telescopic enclosures over them, though they can be retro fitted to nearly any pool.

Commercial sites, such as hotels and caravan sites often use telescopic enclosures to offer their guests use of the pool facilities, whatever the weather conditions.

Automatic And Safety Covers

Peace of mind at the touch of a button

We’d always recommend a slatted or safety cover – in particular you have to consider the safety of children and pets, as well as anyone else. We offer a range of safety covers, and of course they have the added bonus of keeping leaves and bugs out, as well as insulating the pool.We can suggest a safety cover to suit most pools, new or existing. Our robust woven pre-coated polyester covers are available in a range of colours. Brands which we supply include Coverstar and Walu. In France it is law to have either a pool safety cover, an alarm or a safety fence round every pool. Whilst this law doesn’t exist in the UK, it does make sense to make your pool safe.

We can also provide automatic slatted pool cover systems for both new and  existing pools. These open and close at the touch of a button, and come in a variety of slat colours available, including solar slats which help to heat the pool, if outdoor. They can be made lockable and in some instances can be classified as safety covers. When fitting to new pools, we can locate the roller mechanism out of sight within the confines of the pool, giving a sleek and elegant look to your pool. Some models can be solar powered, so cutting electrical costs out of the equation. We are suppliers of Starline / Roldeck covers and Del covers. When building either an indoor or an outdoor pool, it is important to consider either a safety or automatic pool cover. Aesthetically they’re unbeatable whilst also offering an extra element of safety. We also supply a huge selection of standard solar covers and rollers, to suit all budgets.

Energy Saving

Looking After the Pennies

Below are a number of ways to help reduce your pool running costs.

Variable Speed Pumps-Pumps only require a high speed for vacuuming and backwashing, and at all other times, they can run on much lower settings, We supply a range of 2 speed and variable speed pumps and inverters, which pump faster on backwash and then reduce back to a much lower pump speed for the routine day to day water filtration. These pumps usually pay for themselves within two years, with enormous cost savings to be had thereafter. 

Gas Boilers-We supply and install a large variety of gas boilers, including the Certikin Genie Gas Boiler, with it’s 94% efficiency. As a result, running costs are reduced by up to 30%.

Heat Pumps-One of the most efficient ways to heat either and indoor or outdoor pool. We supply numerous brands, including Calorex, Waterco, Elecro and many more. A heat pump is an electrically powered machine which takes heat out of the air and transfers it into the pool water. Highly efficient and cheap to run, the most cost aware of pool owners are all changing to them. Heat pumps, either ground source or air source, can also be used to heat the air in an indoor pool. 

Solar Heating-Solar heating is a much underused heatsource in the UK. We are suppliers of Suncell Solar Heating systems.

LED Bulbs-Switching your pool lights to LED lights will save on the running cost and with up to 100,000 hours of use, it is rare that domestic pool owners will ever be changing a pool bulb again. LED bulbs offer colour changing options too, so change the atmosphere of your pool.

Pool Covers-Solar covers, whether slatted or bubble with help enormously in reducing heat loss from the pool. With different grades to choose from, the choice is there for all budgets. We carry many solar covers as stock and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can easily order goods in.

Multicyclone-Recently introcduced is the  Multicyclone water saving device. It sits in the plant room and filters out larger debris before it reaches the filter. Then, on backwashing, the Multicyclone is rinsed out and the filter backwash run time can be greatly reduced, resulting in much less water loss. Less water lost means less cost of fresh water requiring heating. 

For information on any of the products listed above, please contact us.

Automatic Chemical Dosing Systems

Lightening the day to day maintenance

Automatic dosing systems take the hard work out of adding chemicals to your pool, whilst also reducing chemical handling for the owner. They read the chemical levels in the pool or spa, and when necessary, adjust the levels automatically with dosing pumps.

Nearly every commercial pool runs with an automatic dosing system, and they’re becoming ever more popular on domestic pools, as people recognise the ease with which they can look after their pool.

We brands we supply are Topline, CPC, Bayrol, Stranco and Siemens.

Systems can be fitted to any pool, including existing pools, and can be anything from a simple tablet chlorinator to a state of the art system.

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